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Products Range

Quality Standards for Safety Shoes

All safety & protective shoes manufactured by us adhere to the most stringent quality controls and are ideal for all seasons and harsh conditions as also confirm to various norms.

Safety Footwear manufactured by us are tested at FDDI International testing centre, Satra Laboratories, UK & PFI, Germany and are subject to stringent European & Indian Safety Footwear Standards.

Upper Leather

Finest quality genuine leather is used to make the best quality uppers for our safety footwear. The leather used for upper is breathable, soft & supple apart from being highly durable & long lasting.

Toe Cap Protection

Milano Safety Footwear have very strong Toe Cap Protection as per EN norms.


  • Rapid moisture absorbent Linings.
  • Breathable.
  • Odour resistant.
  • Hygienic.
  • Durable with excellent resistance to abrasion.

Double Density Polyurethane Sole

High abrasion resistant Polyurethane Sole has a deep cleated sole design to make the shoes slip resistant. The sole is ultra comfortable being light weight & flexible. The oil, Acid & Alkali Resistant outsole ensures the sole will not swell or become brittle and crack when worn in harsh & testing industrial environments.

Special Features

Antistatic Sole Unit (Optional)

Antistatic footwear should be used in applications where it is necessary to minimize electrostatic build up to avoid the risk of spark ignition. Milano safety Footwear have a resistance level as per EN norms that will dissipate static electricity.

Shock / Energy Absorbing Heel

It has been scientifically proven that even in a normal walking action, a downward force in excess of your body weight is placed on the heel of your foot causing muscle and joint fatigue. Milano Footwear have energy absorbing heels which, take the shock out of the heel area.

Stroble Stitching

All our Safety Footwear are manufactured using the Stroble Stitching technique; this offers maximum flexibility by reducing surplus leather underneath, ensuring all day comfort.